Mariel + Mikhail at Vandiver Inn | Havre de Grace Wedding Photographer

What I like the most about my work, is that I get to see places that I would not see otherwise. I moved to MD in 2015, and admittedly was a bit of a hermit crab for the first 3 years. Weddings quickly became a way for me to get out and see what my new home had to offer. Mariel and Mikhail’s wedding allowed me to explore a new part of town I’d never been to: Havre De Grace (Cool name, right?) The wedding was held at Vandiver Inn; a boutique lodge that boasts beautiful event space, and a flush garden.

This wedding was a reminder for me, that every wedding will not be 100% IDEAL in terms of lighting and weather conditions. This wedding was a scorcher (close to 100 degrees + humidity) It reminded me that we photographers are always at the mercy of unpredictable lighting, but that should not scare us - it should only make us work harder, and push us to find new and creative ways to tell the couple's story while staying true to our own unique style. Mariel and Mikhail adapted to the extreme heat effortlessly. They didn’t complain about it, and were willing to alter plans accordingly, no problem. Also - the Inn had AMPLE cooling in the house as well as the reception space, so no one really noticed it was hot out! The couple and I headed out into the 95 degree sunset around 8pm, and toughed it out long enough to get some epic shots before the light faded. You’d never even know it was so hot out give how composed these two remained. Check out some of the pics below!


Venue: Vandiver Inn

Florist: Florigen

Hair: Vintage Veils

Makeup: Autumn Estelle (via Vintage Veils)

DJ: Pike Productions

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